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The training of Benchmarking study on Vanke Group project management 2012-12-21

On December 21st, the conference was held inthe large meeting room of Wangjia downstream Project. Vanke Group Co.,Ltd.Licang Division Deputy General Manager, Peng Wang, Jianshu Tian, Bin Luoattended the meeting. The Deputy General Manager Tian has conducted studies tothe actual situation of the project management. The ministry of investment anddevelopment and all the members of the agent construction projects participatedin the meeting.

Based on the operations routes example figure of 2011Lijia upstream project, Manager Tian made a detailed explanation on the ConstructionPermit Procedure. Moreover, he made a detailed introduction on the major governmentdepartments and matters which were involved in the project. Besides, He usedthe flowchart to make a deep explanation on completion of the program diagram,and was careful to explain the key step in the figure.

Manager Tian not only made some suggestions but alsoanswered the questions. He suggested that the project department shouldstrengthen program management, work to be rational, and complete the task stepby step. He asked all the members to focus on the result oriented work as wellas the process control. Deputy General Manager Tian, Wang, and Luo answered thequestions from the project managers. And they made careful explanation andillustration to help them understand the knowledge deeply.

Through the benchmarking study with Vanke, the employeeslearnt advanced management concepts to understand the corporate culture and excellentability of Vanke. At the same time, the employees get a fully understanding onthe basic workflow and knowledge.

The lecturers received the praise because of the patientexplanation. All the members represented that they had learned a lot from thismeeting. In the future, in order to strive for greater efficiency, they woulduse the knowledge to work more clarity, make clear ideas, save time, andincrease the efficiency of the work. 

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